Thanksgiving Holiday Break

CCA, Canyonville Christian Academy, Hinn Hall

Canyonville, Oregon hit with COLD weather!

This year’s snow first appeared on Canyon Mountain November 15th after several hard days of rain.  Even though the snow was only there for a day, and only at higher elevations, it was a start.  For Thanksgiving week, the weather report spoke of freezing temperatures at night (as low as 17 degrees Fahrenheit or -8.33° Celsius) and snow levels predicted to descend down to 500ft.  This did prove to be true as the frozen early morning temperatures hovered well below freezing all week and through the weekend.

Canyon Mountain

Canyon Mountain, Canyonville, Oregon


Canyonville Christian Academy’s Thanksgiving Holiday started the afternoon of November 24th. The high school campus emptied out on Tuesday November 24th, with students heading to home’s or on the school trip to California.  It ended the evening of November 29th.  CCA’s students were excited for a holiday break, for some students, Thanksgiving was a first time ever holiday, but for returning students, it is an enjoyed tradition.

The private high school traditionally serves the students a complete Thanksgiving meal the eve before Thanksgiving break starts.  This amazing Thanksgiving event is a great cultural introduction of the American holiday.  Canyonville Christian Academy also has a tradition – the staff serving students their dinner.

The dining room is decorated with fall colors, tables are set with tablecloths, glass dishes, fancy silverware, holiday glasses and other special decor.  Our chefs spend the whole day preparing a tasty Thanksgiving meal for the students.  This dinner usually includes turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, a vegetable, fresh bread, a yummy desert and a sparkling apple cider beverage.  Students love the special decorations and fancy tables, they also have fun getting all dressed up and enjoy taking pictures with their friends before the meal.

Canyonville Christian Academy Thanksgiving Dinner
Thanksgiving Dinner At Canyonville Christian Academy

Winter Sports

As November is coming to a close, and December is ready to start, winter sports season begins.  This includes boys varsity basketball, boys junior varsity basketball, girls basketball and cheerleading.

Following the winter sports season entrance, is the holiday season.  Canyonville Christian Academy’s campus is prepared for the Christmas and the New Year Holiday, we can hope for some snow on campus to enjoy snowballs and snowmen as we continue to move into winter.

Basketball season starts, and the cheerleading season starts, private boarding school


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