Our Focus Is On Training Up Leaders

CCA Student Body

Canyonville Christian Academy focus is on training up leaders

Canyonville Christian Academy is a boarding school with an international student body that has a beautiful 14 acre campus! CCA is nestled amongst southern Oregon’s mountains and forests. Family and friends who visit the school comment on its peaceful atmosphere and the serenity throughout the campus.  Also, there is a beautiful year round creek that divides the private school campus in half.  Parents who come to visit the campus leave the boarding school feeling very satisfied that CCA offers a safe and highly educational haven for their child.

At Canyonville Christian Academy success in academics is the number one priority. With a lot of emphasis placed on AP courses, ESL courses and hands on learning, the school also understands the need to compete in sports and to have fun.   Every month Canyonville Christian Academy has a great lineup of interesting activities, shopping trips.  CCA offers a wide variety of sports such as Volleyball, Cross-Country, Basketball, Cheerleading and Track & Field.  Additionally if students signup for seminar class, they will learn more about the american culture by attending Shakespearian plays, orchestra concerts, and football games!  They will also have the opportunity to learn about the stock market and compete in several online stock market games. Canyonville Christian Academy is a nationally recognized leader in online stock market game competitions.

This private boarding school places an emphasis on teaching core values to its youth and training up leaders through the care and encouragement of its faculty and staff.  Students who come here learn how to become responsible young adults, preparing them for college life and beyond. boarding school advantages, canyonville christian academy, boarding school for teenagers, christian high school




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