October School Calendar 2015

Christian Boarding School, Canyonville Christian Academy, students between classes

September has flown by.  Students here at the private school, have been busy getting to know each other, adjusting to schedules, classes, dorm life and more.  They have been very excited through out all of September’s activities and they are now looking forward to another exciting month.

Last month’s big activity was changed from Rafting on the Rouge to Dune Buggy riding at the Pacific Coast.  What an amazing time!

[ct_button id=”button_62″ size=”big” solid=”0″ link=”http://www.canyonville.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/October-Activities-calendar-2015-2016.pdf” icon=”fa-download” arrow=”0″ color=”#17376e” css_animation=”appear” animation_delay=””]October Activities Calendar[/ct_button]



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