Last Month of School!

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Dorm Life the Last Few Weeks Of School...

Dorm life in the last month of the school year is crazy.  Everyone is so ready to go home for the summer.  

People are studying for tests, finishing all the big huge final projects.  Seniors are sending everything home and getting ready for graduation. 

In the boys’ dorm, people will be cheering for their basketball team when there is a playoff game.  In the last two weeks, everyone will start packing things that they will take home, of course except Preston and Calob.  

In the final week , all of students will study until midnight except the freshman that are having easy classes.

Dorm cleaning day is on the 27th.  It will be the busiest day of the whole year.  The whole dorm will be cleaned.  

First, you wake up in the morning, get some food, and get ready to clean.

The whole day will be so busy as you have to clean your room, pack for going back home, put things in storage under or above the dorm and do the best with your dorm duty.  You will probably try to finish cleaning in the top 5 in your dorm because usually you will get a reward for cleaning fast.

May is a BUSY and CRAZY month for us, but it is also a month that everyone has been waiting for!  

There is a staff vs student softball game, the staff always wins, but this year, 2017, we are going to beat the staff.  We will be making history as the first year that the students won.  

The hardest thing for us in May, is saying goodbye to our friends, especially the seniors.  Having friends from all over the world is probably one of the best things at Canyonville Christian Academy.  Saying goodbye to them is the hardest thing.  You will be sad because your friends will not be here with you next year, but remember, you will also be able to visit them in their country. 

You will see them again.

Junior – Ka Hei (Joshua) Wong 


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