Donkey Basketball Game Held At Private Boarding School

Canyonville Christian Academy private boarding high school

Private boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy activities department decided to make the game of basketball a little more interesting. 

A group of donkeys were invited as special guests allowing our students here at the Christian Academy, to ride them while playing a game of basketball.  As the donkeys were brought in by their riders, shouts of laughter could be heard in the gymnasium as one of our boarding students Serge Sandrali, laughing himself, tried to “guide” his donkey into center court.

Christian boarding school Canyonville Christian Academy has fun activities

Donkey basketball game at Canyonville Christian Academy

For about an hour and half, the girls challenged the boys to a basketball game played while trying to ride a stubborn donkey and throw the basketball from it’s back.  In the end, it was the Varsity boys basketball team, with their competitive edge that ended up winning the night’s game of fun donkey basketball.

What a crazy fun event for students attending this boarding school!




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