Christian Academy’s After School Clubs

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Canyonville Christian Academy now offers after school clubs!

Canyonville Christian Academy’s after school clubs provide students a safe place to explore their interests and grow in their talents.  They allow students to build friendships with classmates who they might not have interacted with otherwise.  They are a place where common interests are shared and students and staff alike inspire one another on towards greatness.   

This Christian boarding school’s after school clubs or small groups originate from the interests and passions of its staff and students.  Several groups have been started by staff such as CCA’s art, hiking, deep sea fishing, multimedia, biking, and social media (pictured above) groups.  While others are started by students like CCA’s photography (pictured below) and orchestra clubs.  Clubs can be created anytime throughout the school year.

Each club is overseen by at least one staff sponsor.  The role of a club sponsor may consist of setting up meetings and activities or being a mentor as they help students develop their skills. It may also include simply being a part of the group, building relationships with the students, and allowing them to take the lead.  The amount of times a club meets varies from group to group.  Some clubs meet several times a month, while others are more dependent on the weather.  However, some elements that are consistent between all of the clubs are fun, excitement, and friendship!

Club Projects

canyonville christian academy's, photography club, takes a picture, by one of Oregon's covered bridgesStay tuned and see what these clubs produce throughout the school year!  Canyonville Christian Academy’s multimedia group is working on making fun videos for Sunday chapels.  The orchestra club may play a piece and/or accompany the choir class for CCA’s Christmas concert.  The photography club took pictures around Canyonville for their first meeting and are always taking pictures of their friends around campus.  The social media group has their own Facebook page and website about CCA.  They also contribute daily to CCA’s many other social media sites!

All this and more will be shared on Canyonville Christian Academy’s website and social media sites.  Don’t miss out by downloading the flyer below with the information about CCA’s websites and social media sites!

Social Media Club

Follow CCA’s social media club’s website and Facebook as they share their experiences at this Christian boarding school through blogs, pictures, and videos.  Below is an excerpt from their first blog post, which was written by Cati Seccomb, a senior at CCA, with a featured picture taken by Chuyu Zhu, who is a junior.

“Moving into a dorm can be scary and exciting. When I first arrived at Canyonville Christian Academy I was greeted by many people from all over the world. With a sea of new faces and several different languages swirling around me, I was easily overwhelmed. However, everyone was so patient and kind. Now as the first two months of my senior year come to a close, I have a few tips and tricks that may help first year students acclimate to dorm life and a new school.” 

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Pictures taken by CCA students


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