Canyonville Academy: In The Heart of Oregon’s Natural Beauty

Canyonville Academy: In The Heart of Oregon’s Natural Beauty

Located in the heart of Oregon, on the edge of nature and civilization, the newly renamed Canyonville Academy is preparing for the start of a new school year. The students are arriving, unpacking their bags and organizing  their new dorm rooms, signing up for classes and getting prepared to tackle the upcoming challenges that come with a new school year. The campus is buzzing with activities, the clamor of laughing and happy students seeing their friends again filling the air, clearing the still silence that formed overtop the campus over the summer. It’s lovely to see the campus come alive again, watching as everyone goes about the frantic race to finish the first week of school strong.

However, before we get into the new school year, it’s worth remembering the campus itself. Canyonville Academy is located in an exceedingly beautiful part of Oregon, a fact many people often forget. When you see beautiful things every day, you tend to forget that they are there, taking for granted the beauty that God has given to us and to the school.

Let us take a moment of time, as classes begin their first lesson, as the first test is passed out, as the first essay is written, to appreciate the campus itself, and to understand that God has given Canyonville Academy an abundance of majesty all around us.

If you ever feel stressed, tired from the day to day of school or work, or just need a general pick me up, the beauty of God’s nature is a solid place to look towards, even for a minute, to calm those stresses.

From everyone here at Canyonville Academy, from the teachers, administration, deans, maintenance, cooks, janitors and everyone else, we welcome you! If this is your first time with us, or you are coming back again, we’re glad you’re here. We pray that God gives us a wonderful school year with every last student, and that He guides us towards a successful nine months of learning, fun, and growth.



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