Brian Mucyo is Thriving In College!

Canyonville Academy, a christian boarding school student, alumni, brian Mucyo, at Grand Canyon University

image courtesy of GCU

Alumni Brian Mucyo is an ambitious student that has not only done well here at Canyonville Academy, but has blossomed at Grand Canyon University.

Brian came to Canyonville in his junior year.  While here at the Academy, Brian excelled in his classes and made many friends, whom he is still friends with today.

In his senior year at this boarding school, Brian decided to apply to Grand Canyon University, and was blessed with a sponsorship for his tuition.  Today, Brian is currently a part of the Honors College and works for the Academic and Career Excellence Center as both a K-12 and College Lead.

Additionally, Brian has been developing and implementing an English Empowerment program for kids in Phoenix in the ACE Center.  He had noticed that many students knew English, but didn’t have the confidence to express themselves with it.  With this discovery, Brian decided he wanted to change this, so he is working on a complete curriculum for developing the skills these children already have.  You can read more here.

For Brian’s future plans, he has plans to attend law school.  He would like to use his degree to help underprivileged children in developing countries receive better education and healthcare opportunity.

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