Boarding School Students Experience Pacific Northwest

Boarding School Students experience the Pacific Northwest - white water rafting

Canyonville Christian Academy goes white water rafting on Oregon’s famous Rogue River!

Boarding school students experience nature in the Pacific Northwest during CCA’s annual back to school icebreaker!

At the beginning of each school year, Canyonville Christian Academy takes its student body on an all school event. The activity for the 2017-2018 school year was rafting!  

Students, teachers, and deans loaded up the busses and headed 45 minutes southwest of Canyonville to the Rogue River.  The beautiful, cool morning was just starting to warm up as they arrived at the river.  

Everyone was fitted with life jackets and given instructions and safety tips.  Then, they gathered into groups and headed to the rafts.  During this rafting trip, students experienced class II rapids and were able to go swimming. 

The voices and laughter of CCA’s students bounced off the sides of the mountains and echoed throughout the canyon as they enjoyed nature and made lasting memories with their friends.  It was a 3-hour excursion full of laughter, sunshine, water fights, hard work, and stunning scenery! 

After the trip CCA had lunch at a beautiful park nearby before heading back to school.  

Boarding School's International Students Experience the Pacific Northwest

“Rafting was a very fun and awesome experience that also brought people closer together!”

– Zoe Tuan

“Rafting was an incredible experience!  I never thought that I would go on such an exciting trip with all of my friends.  The trip helped us all to relax before the start of school, and also brought us closer to the new students and staff members.” 

– Yoann Lin

Zoe (left) and Yoann (right) are both from Taiwan.  Zoe is a junior and is on CCA’s student leadership team.  This is her third year at CCA.  She is the third student in her family to attend this Christian boarding school.  Her favorite thing about CCA is not any one thing, but the people.   

Yoann is a senior and it is her second year at CCA.  She learned about this Christian Academy from the internet.  She was impressed by the school’s reputation and drawn to all the pictures of students enjoying themselves at CCA.  Yoann also loves the teachers and staff members of CCA.  She said that since it is not a large school, staff members are able to get to know each student.  They care for the students showing lots of love, especially when students have struggles.  They pray for students and show them kindness.



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