8 Ways To Search For Great Books To Read

learning to study by reading great books

The importance of reading was mentioned in last week’s article.  This week, we continue with the importance of always being on the hunt for great books to read.

In this article, there are 8 ways listed to help you hunt for great books to read.  Reading is an invaluable way to become a more efficient and effective student.  As you take these small steps, you will be surprised at how quickly you will start noticing an improvement in studying, and your knowledge in general.

[u_heading]8 Simple Ideas On How to Hunt for Great Books:[/u_heading]
  • Be on the alert for references to important and interesting books as you are on the internet, watch TV, read magazines, or when reading books.
  • Bibliographies in scholarly books.
  • Read book reviews in magazines and newspapers
  • Peruse best seller lists.
  • Wander the aisles of book stores (new and used) and used book sales.
  • Consider books from “great books” lists.
  • Ask other people for book titles.  Friends, teachers, acquaintances, even people you don’t like that much.
  • Check out the stacks at a local library.

If you don’t have at least a couple of books on your shelf waiting to be read – get to work.

– Roger Shaffer



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