Semester Changes In Shaffer Dorm!

shaffer dormitory, christian boarding school, dormitory
The first semester marked the beginning of work here for Ms. Brewer and I (Mrs. Blair). It took us some time to understand how things worked and get used to the swing of things. However, now that we each have a semester under our belts, we have a couple things we are excited to get started.
For one thing, we have added more items to our dorm store! Burritos and pudding, anyone? Secondly, we have asked a couple girls to be assistant ambassadors to help the lone ambassador we started the year with and they said yes! Two more student leaders to help with dorm responsibilities and create community! Lastly, we have replaced our Christmas decor and re-arranged our living room. Perhaps what I’m most excited about for this semester are the activities we’re planning that will help us learn more about all the different cultures in our dorm and draw us closer to God. It’s going to be great! We’re looking forward to the changes and hope the girls are ready to embrace and enjoy them too!

We LOVE our girls!

One thing that hasn’t changed is how crazy/funny/sweet/stubborn/beautiful our girls are:

  • They still enjoy singing loudly to their music… that’s in their headphones.
  • They stick up for each other, and they comfort each other.
  • They work hard on their homework.
  • They love dorm parties with food.
  • They’re not afraid to share their opinions.
  • They love their electronics.
  • They can be loud.
  • They love to cook dishes from home and share them with others.
  • They speak in different languages and are greatly improving in their English.
  • They plan out the rest of their lives.


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