International Students Attend University of Oregon Football Game

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Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class takes its international students to experience American football at the University of Oregon!

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class teaches students Best Boarding school, international studnets, University of Oregon, football gameabout culture and worldwide events. It also gives them the opportunity to experience these things in real life. This type of learning strengthens the students’ knowledge on these subjects and gives them life experiences that they might not have had otherwise.

During these first few weeks at boarding school, students in Seminar Class have been learning about American culture. One of the topics covered was American Football.

American Football is the most popular sport in the United States. Since 1985, the Harris Poll, has annually researched what Americans choose as their favorite sport. This year football won again for the 30th year in a row with a 35% vote. Most Americans have their favorite college and/or professional team. They may also have their favorite player(s). An average of over 50,000 fans attend each NFL (National Football League) football game. With such popularity, it has made American Football players some of the highest paid athletes in the world.

This weekend Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar Class attended a college football game at the University of Oregon. They watched the Oregon Ducks win 14-48 against the University of Wyoming. According to the Associated Press, Oregon’s college football team is ranked #2 in the United States. The Seminar Class includes many international students who have never been to a football game before. Some have seen football games on TV and were taught the rules of football in class. However, it really came alive to them when they were able to experience it in-person. It helped them gain a fuller understanding not only of the game itself, but also of the culture surrounding the sport.




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