常见问题 – Application Fee


您可以直接在我们的招生办主页上下载申请表格或者通过邮寄方式申请。所有标有“return to CCA 寄回CCA”的页面和成绩单以及您护照的第一页的复印件都需要邮寄或是快递给CCA. 此外,寄回的文件中需要包括 $100美金的申请费。


What is your tuition cost?

Our tuition prices are as follows:

International student tuition, room & board: $48,900.00

Domestic student tuition, Room & Board: $19,000.00

High School Day Student tuition: $4,600.00

For complete boarding details visit: Tuition/Admissions

What is your policy for refunds?

  • The application fee is not refundable, however, the $250 room deposit is refunded if there has not been damage to the room.
  • If a student is denied a visa for any reason, Canyonville Christian Academy will return 100% of the paid tuition by wire transfer.
  • Once a domestic student has arrived and enrolled at CCA, the current semester is not refundable.
  • Once an international student has received his immigration paper work from Canyonville Christian Academy and has obtained a visa, there is no refund unless the student has been denied a visa.
  • CCA does reserve the right to charge an additional late withdrawal fee in the amount of 1/4 of the tuition if adequate time and communication is not given before a withdrawal.

What is the amount of any additional costs regarding:

$100 non redundable / $250 refundable room deposit, $2000 incidental account— mainly for travel fees, but also for any testing fees, doctor co-payments, etc.

Books? No additional cost- they are included in tuition.

Uniforms if needed? $15 for p.e. uniform.

Average cost of daily lunches purchased on campus? 3 daily meals provided.

Sports/activity/material fees etc.? No additional cost – included in tuition




肯亚维尔基督教学校为英语初学者和需要提高英语的同学提供非常出色的 ESL课程。我们的目标是让ESL的学生更快的融入进学校的主流英语教学学科。如需更多信息,请点击此处。


不是。 肯亚维尔基督教学校是一所在美国俄勒冈州的标准的私立学校。我们经过了西北认证协会的认证。CCA主要是一所寄宿制学校,但同时也向当地走读生开放。




一旦我们收到了您到申请表,我们的招生委员会会针对您提供的信息来决定是否录取该生。学校会以电子邮件的方式通知学生或中介机构该生是否被录取。当您被录取后,学生或中介机构需要通过电汇全额缴纳一个学期的学费以及可退还的宿舍押金,学校会将 CCA的银行账户信息和单据用电子邮件发给您。

在我们确认收到您的汇款以后,我们会用DHL国际快递将您的I-20 表格快递给您。



肯尼维尔基督教学校可以签发何类签证? 我可以在CCA用 J1签证吗?

肯尼维尔基督教学校为拥有 F1多年学生签证的学生签发I-20表格。


Canyonville Academy 不接受J1签证也不会为拥有J1签证的学生转成 F1签证。

我们只接受 F1学生签证。


俄勒冈州要求以下其中两个美术学分: 外语,艺术或音乐。


What is the percentage of graduates who matriculate into university?

We average at least 90% or higher of our graduates who go on to further education.

Does a student need a laptop computer?

It is not required for a student to have a laptop. Many of our students do bring their own laptops and we have wireless internet on campus and in the dormitories. We also have a computer lab for those without laptops as well as computers in the dormitory study areas and in the student center.



When do the dormitories close?

  • Our dormitories are closed during the summer and during the school holidays such as our Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks.
  • Students’ families are required to arrange a place for their student to go. Canyonville Christian Academy usually offers some kind of planned trip during the Thanksgiving and Spring break, but it is optional and does cost extra.
  • Boys/girls may not plan a trip to stay together during these breaks.
  • A calendar of the school year is available for downloading and planning.  Please click here for the calendar.
  • All travel should be arranged around the proper dates of the school calendar.
  • Students should not leave earlier or return later than the specified dates. Doing so will affect the students overall grades and cost more for the travel fee.

</p> <p>俄勒冈州的机场都有那些?学校提供接送服务吗?





What are the requirements for graduation?

Standard Track

English: 4
Mathematics: 3
Social Studies: 3
Science: 3
Health: 1
Physical Education (PE): 2
Fine Arts/Applied Arts/Foreign Languages: 3
Bible: 4
Electives: 5

Credit Totals Required: 28

College Track

English: 4
Mathematics: 4
Social Studies: 3
Science: 4
Health: 1
Physical Education (PE): 2
fine Arts/Applied Arts/Foreign Languages: 3 or more
Bible: 4
Electives: 5

Credit Totals Required: 28

Does Canyonville Academy accept transfer students?

Yes we do!

From another American school, most credits will transfer.

The same is true for a good majority of international schools. An international student studying at another American school that holds an I-20 for the F1 student visa must also have his I-20 transferred from that school to CCA. We will assist in the process.

Is Canyonville Academy a religious school?

Canyonville Academy is not affiliated with any particular church denomination and welcomes students of all faiths.

Canyonville Academy is definitely a Christian school and believes that faith in God is the foundation for a healthy, well rounded life.

We have a chapel service on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Visit our Mission page for more details.

Please see our COVID FAQs for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year.