Why Choose Canyonville Christian Academy

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Canyonville Christian Academy is nothing like a large, traditional boarding school. Its small closeness enriches our students in a family atmosphere, while empowering them with core values and ethics that have a life-long, profound effect on their lives.

With a 10:1 student ratio, CCA gives students the individualized education they need, while offering award-winning programs and activities they enjoy.

Located in Canyonville, OR, the school is surrounded by some of the West Coast’s most beautiful mountain land. Read FAQ



  1. One of the great boarding schools of America – some of the finest teachers & most incredible students you will ever find!

  2. Boarding School does do a lot for a young teen.

    This one in particular adds the closeness of a family and the opportunities to expand your boundaries due to the International students that go here!

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