Volunteers from Greeneway Church – YOU ARE AMAZING!

Greeneway Church Volunteers, help Christian Boarding School, Canyonville Academy, in southern Oregon

This past summer, volunteers from Greeneway Church, the new sister organization to Canyonville Academy, came to help prepare the campus for the 2019-2020 school year. We wanted to take a moment to thank all of the volunteers who helped us. We also wanted to showcase all the work that was completed.

There was numerous projects worked on by the volunteers. Some of the biggest projects involved lots of carpentry work. The stairs in our boy’s dorm Cascade needed to be removed and rebuild from the ground up. Additionally, two of the big timbers on the bridge to East Campus needed replaced along with the top railing boards, that got done as well. There was more work done on East Campus, which included removing six dead trees.  These could have caused falling hazards if left alone.

Volunteers working in the wood shed.

Volunteers built lots of things from scratch

Two of our classrooms had their walls tore down and replaced with new drywall. Additionally, those two classrooms were outfitted with brand new glass white boards. These classrooms, as well as others in the Lovato Building also suffered some electrical issues. This also was fixed by the volunteers!

Additionally, many other large tasks were completed throughout campus, such as a deep clean and rearrange of Hinn Hall, girls dormitory, along with cleaning the cafeteria, offices and classrooms.

Summer volunteers prepare the dorms for the next school year.

Volunteers work in the dorms.

We couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing men and women who dedicated two weeks of their time to give us many extra hands and prepare this wonderful campus for our new and returning students. We thank them once again for their commitment to what Canyonville Academy strives to be: a beautiful place for students to learn, grow and hear about Christ.


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