Virtual Education

Canyonville Academy, international boarding school, offers online education , for students all over the world
Canyonville Academy, an accredited, boarding high school, offers virtual classes for students all over the world

Educating students for 97 years as we continue to lead...

Canyonville Academy hastaken a big leap in meeting the needs of students around the world. As you know, due to our location, we have been in a very sheltered, safe place during this entire COVID pandemic. Additionally, we have had no riots, or protests as have been on the news because we are in a small town, away from all the large city unruliness.  Lastly, with all the political changes, again, we don’t have any exposure to this due to our location and rural setting.

This type of learning environment allows students to relax and focus on their studies while staying safe and away from all turmoil and exposure to the pandemic.  We understand that parents have 3 concerns for their children:

  1. Safety
  2. Continued high school education
  3. College education

These concerns are very important for us, and for parents and students all over the world.  As an accredited high school, we continue to strive forward to meet these needs with our in-person classes, online education and dual-credit/enrollment for your students.


There is still time to apply

If you are interested in applying for our second semester we still have seats available. Contact us by the date below

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