High School Class Goes To Oregon Ducks Game!

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Seminar class is a unique class taught by Roger Shaffer.  In this class, students learn about American culture.  But more importantly, they experience it.

Every year, Roger Shaffer takes his students on an adventure learning about important American events. He prepares his class way before an event is scheduled, teaching them fundamentals about the event.  This past week, on Saturday September 13, 2014 Seminar class loaded up in vans and went to an Oregon Football game. international students experience an american football game, in Oregon

At this game, there were 56,000 people in attendance.  The stadium was packed! All 13 international students LOVED the game!  For quite a few of them, it was the first time to experience anything of this magnitude.

First time goer – Brian (from Rwanda) stated:

” ~ It was LOUD.  I expected a win, because we looked at the rankings and Oregon was higher than Wyoming so it was kind of expected.  Nothing surprising except the amount of points – nothing else.”

Additional comments from international and local students were:

“…It was great to see the support given to the team”

“…I’ve never seen anything like this”

“…I’ve never been to a football game like this…”

“We learn and studied about it, I didn’t understand until I went to the football game.  It was pretty fun.”

“…I like it.  Everybody supported the team screaming and yelling.  It was exciting.”

“…It was too loud and too crazy!”

“…Pretty good and many people were standing and screaming!”

 Oregon State is the number 2 college team of the United States and is undefeated.  They came back from behind, scored 6 touchdowns on 6 consecutive possessions, and ultimately won the game 48 to 14.



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