Announcing Our Brand New Alumni Website!

Canyonville Academy Alumni Visit Campus

You might have seen some previews of it before this, but we’re finally ready to launch our brand new Canyonville Academy Alumni website! This new website is integrated with our main website allowing easy access, and familiarity. The website has been redesigned from the ground up to offer our Alumni what they want from a website. It chronicles their time spent here at Canyonville Academy.

Click Here To Visit The New Alumni Website!

You can click or tap above to go directly to the brand new home page. If you’d like to learn more about what the site will offer, let’s go over some of the coolest features of the website.


Donating to Canyonville Academy has never been easier. We partnered with Stewardship Technology to provide a very simple electronic giving solution. Simple fill out a short form, and you’re given many options on how you’d like to donate. If you choose to donate to Canyonville Academy, we’d like to thank you in advanced for your generosity.


We have thousands of photos available on our website, currently organized by school year. Finding photos of your class has never been easier! Currently, we have many more photos of the past two decades. If you have photos you’d like to share, we would love to have them to add to our collection!


How reunions will work at Canyonville Academy has been completely revamped. We will have more information regarding this in the future as the feature is not finished yet. We are very excited to get the program going, as we believe our Alumni will be very happy with the changes.

Contact Information Forms

We’ve made it very easy to contact our Alumni administration. Additionally, we’ve provided a useful form that will allow you to update or add your contact information in order to stay connected to your fellow Alumni and to Canyonville Academy.


We created a simple way for you to volunteer your time to our campus. We’re flexible, and are able to accommodate when you’d like to donate your time.

There is much more available on the site. We can’t wait for you all to explore and rediscover what it was like here on campus. If you have any thoughts, questions, suggestions or concerns about our new Alumni web page, we have a form at the bottom of the home page that will allow you to send any feedback you might have. Thank you very much for taking the time to look over our exciting new Alumni page. We hope it will allow you to keep in contact with your friends from school. And of course, keep up with news from Canyonville Academy Alumni.


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