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[u_heading]Learning To Focus[/u_heading]

This is a most helpful tip when studying either in high school or college to help you stay focused.

Knowing how to study puts many students at an advantage over those who don’t understand how good study habits can help.  Understanding and putting into practice some of these techniques will help a lot of students learn some important basics.

 TIP:  Underlining and highlighting along with making margin comments in everything you read. This helps you:

  1. Stay focused when reading
  2. Always be looking for key ideas and facts as you read
  3. Makes it possible to review readings for a test.  In your review, reading what you have marked and written should refresh the material in your mind

Of course, high school books that are owned by the school cannot be marked in this way.  To get around this, you may need to take notes as you read or consider buying a personal copy on Amazon or eBay.

Also, when you come across something that is extremely important, something that is counterintuitive but backed up with evidence and/or well-reasoned arguments, or some idea or fact that is completely new to you – don’t be timid about circling it or putting exclamation points out in the margin.

Lastly, if a teacher asks a question on a test that comes from the text or reading and you cannot answer it, one of two things happened:

  1. If you didn’t underline it, your underlining is in need of improving.  Be more complete or critical.
  2. If you DID underline it, you need to spend more time reviewing your underlining.

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