The Final Weeks of Boarding School

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The final weeks at boarding school, Canyonville Christian Academy, are here!

We are entering into the final few weeks left of the 2013-2014 school year at international boarding school, Canyonville Christian Academy! So many great things have happened this past year. It’s hard to believe we’re already so close to the finish line. Here’s a list of the main events that are taking place until the end of the school year.



3 – Tennis @ North Bend & Marshfield

4-7 Spiritual emphasis with Brian Jones from Yakima, WA’

8 – Tennis at Cascade Christian

11 – Junior/Senior Banquet at Big K Ranch

12 Track @ Maynard Mai Invitational in Glide

13 – Portland Trailblazers game

15 – Tennis @ Sisters

17 – Track @ Oakland

19 – Track team to U of O – Oregon Relays

Tennis Home match vs Cascade Christian

20 – Easter

22 – Track @ Glide

24 – Tennis Home match vs. Marshfield

25 – 11th Annual CCA Amazing Survivor Race

26 – Tennis Home match vs. Klamath Union

Yearbook Work Day

27 – Calculus Field Trip –Portland

NBA Playoff Game

29 – Tennis @ Cascade Christian



1 – Track @ Oakland

2 – Shaffer Dorm’s Night Out

3-4 – Spanish class Cinco de Mayo field trip

3 – Cosmic Bowling

3-6 Senior Trip to Disneyland

6 – Track @ Bandon Invitational

7- All School Luau

8 – Tennis @ Klamath Union

9 – Track @ Oakland Twilight

10-12 – CCA Presents “Murder By The Book”

10 – IRON CHEF competition

11 – Mother’s Day

12-14 Tennis District Championships

15 – Spring Choir Concert

17 Track District Championships

18-19 – CPR Rewards trip to the Coast

20 – Sports’ Awards Banquet

22-24 – State Tennis Championships

22-24 – State Track championships

25 – Baccalaureate / Staff vs Students Softball game /Senior Farewell BBQ

26-29 – Final Exams

30 – Mayfest & Academic Awards

31 – Graduation

Alumni Dinner

Memorial remembrance of Jim Crumpton



1 – Dormitories close for 2014



30-Spet 1 – Dormitories open for 2014-2015 School Year & Welcome Weekend



  1. Dean Konopasek: October 4, 2014 at 9:05 am

    An old high school friend recently sent me a picture of our 1966 cross country team at Eagle Point High School. Jim Crumpton was our coach. The picture brought back a flood of great memories of that time, and I found myself talking to my wife at some length about what a wonderful coach and mentor he was. As I recall, the year before we were a very mediocre team, although we had virtually the same field of runners, but had a different coach. Then Mr. Crumpton became our coach. That year we were amazing. I believe we won our district championship and placed very high in the state rankings for 2A teams. What made the difference? It was Mr. Crumpton. He had that rare quality of instilling in all of us the desire to be our best. He didn’t yell or threaten or punish us. Instead, he encouraged us and was our advocate. That made us want to work hard. When we’d go out on a 10-mile run he’d give us a soccer ball to take along. “What fun!” we thought. He knew that by having us running and kicking a soccer ball for 10 miles meant we’d actually run 12 or 15 miles chasing the darn thing. I’ve thought about him often and am sad to hear he’s passed away. If I could send a copy of the photo I would. He was a wonderful coach and mentor. Dean Konopasek

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