Nuri Jeong ’10


canyonville christian academy alumni, international boarding school graduate, canyonville, oregon

Nuri Jeong class of 2010 came to Canyonville Christian Academy 5 years ago from Suncheon, South Korea.  She started from the bottom, with minimal English, extreme shyness, cultural and financial difficulties.  Today she is in a joint/partnership program where she has completed her first 3 years of college at Immaculata University and will be finishing off her senior year at Thomas Jefferson University.

By the end of August, Nuri will have two Bachelor of Science degrees: one in Allied Health from Immaculata, and the other in Biotechnology from Jefferson.

Nuri says

I am currently on a 4-month summer practicum at the Wistar Institute for Jefferson’s graduation requirement. I would like to take a year off to work in a research laboratory and gain some extra research experience. I am thinking of applying to PhD or MD/PhD programs — we’ll see what happens!

Currently Nuri is looking at jobs in major pharmaceutical companies’ R&D departments.

Congratulations Nuri!



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