Historical Groundbreaking at Canyonville Christian Academy

Historical Groundbreaking at Canyonville Christian Academy

From its small beginnings in 1924 until today, Canyonville Christian Academy has been continually progressing and advancing. This year, as the graduating class of 2014 left the gymnasium to start a new phase of their lives, this small international boarding school nestled in the heart of the beautiful Oregon foothills broke ground for what will be a beautiful new dormitory set to be ready for September of 2015. Pictured from left to right are Eric Payne, contractor of the new dormitory project, Doug Wead, President of CCA, Cathy Lovato, Head of School and Ed Lovato Admissions Director. The new dorm will house 28 students and will be the first step in our expansion phase, which will include new classrooms and more dormitory space. What an exciting step into the future for Canyonville Christian Academy! Pat Boone, a famous actor and singer and also a former CCA board member sent this congratulatory note:

Congratulations to Canyonville Christian Academy on its 90th anniversary.  And greetings to all the young men who lived this past year in “Boone Hall.”  Unfortunately, I cannot be with you, I will be celebrating my own 80th birthday at the same time. As you will notice, I am only ten years behind you and gaining fast.  My love to you all and congratulations to the graduating class of 2014.  Sincerely, Pat Boone

The grandchildren of A.M. Shaffer, who founded this historic school 90 years ago are represented by Roger Shaffer and Judy Jones. Both of them continue to be active at Canyonville Christian Academy.

Grandchildren of CCA founder A.M. Shaffer - Roger Shaffer & Judy (Dunbar) Jones

Grandchildren of CCA founder A.M. Shaffer – Roger Shaffer & Judy (Dunbar) Jones

Here is a close up of the new dorm plans:




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