Drone In Class?

christian boarding school cpr students enjoy the afternoon off
[u_heading]CPR students enjoyed an afternoon off from class![/u_heading]

CPR Students enjoy a warm sunny afternoon off from class.   The students are helping decorate the high school campus with white lights in preparation for the upcoming holidays.

What would YOU do if a drone flew in YOUR classroom?

[u_heading]What Is CPR?[/u_heading]

What is CPR anyways?  Isn’t it life saving techniques?

Canyonville Christian Academy is a boarding high school.  The Christian academy has students from local towns and students from all over the world.  It is well known to have a very diverse student population.

CCA encourages traditional values and positive behavior with positive reinforcement.  This system is called CPR which stands for:

Christian Character, Personal Responsibility, Respect

CPR is CCA’s motto for the type of positive behavior we expect and desire at the school  Our goal is to instill in the students the type of moral character required to be successful in life and how to be a good citizen in the community.

With this goal, here is what we expect from our students:

  1. Do everything without complaining or arguing.  Have a positive attitude.
  2. Speak English, and use positive, clean language.
  3. Throw away trash and keep things clean.
  4. Follow the Golden Rule with everyone – Treat other people like you want to be treated.

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