Christian Academy Is A Welcoming Home To International Students

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Canyonville Christian Academy warmly welcomes international students to southern Oregon!

International students from all over the world come to Canyonville Christian Academy.  Students mostly come for academic and future career opportunities.

Canyonville Christian Academy has had students from 52 countries across the globe attend its boarding school. The cross cultural experience of meeting new friends from different customs and languages is very enriching. Naturally, English is International students, boarding school, canyonville christian academy, private school, academics the connecting language and this  ESL program is excellent.  Students arrive here at the beginning of the school year knowing little to no English and leave for summer break able to communicate effectively.

Most students who come to Canyonville Christian Academy have the desire to go on to american universities.  They then hope to gain valuable employment opportunities that stem from being fluent in English, meaning they are bi-lingual.  Students like these are widely sought for in the international workplace.  Canyonville Christian Academy students study hard to gain the best grades possibly to attain entrance to their colleges of choice. CCA offers them that peaceful place to focus and study.

Another advantage of boarding school is meeting additional international students and forming lifelong friendships.  Having friends on a global scale not only benefits your student, but prepares them for life skills in an international market place where online businesses are crossing borders at an increasingly rapid rate.

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