Canyonville Christian Academy Graduation 2011

private boarding school has diverse class graduation! canyonville, oregon

Congratulations Class of 2011!

Wow, it happens so fast before you know it, they are gone!

What I’m talking about is the senior class of 2011 here at Canyonville Christian Academy.  It seems just like yesterday that students were arriving from various parts of the world to start their final year in high school.  This boarding school was full of expecting students deciding on classes to take for their senior year.  Fast forward to Saturday May 28th…

Twenty-nine students with caps and gowns mixed with excitement, sadness, joy and a new realization that all their hard work has now payed off.  Twenty-nine students walking up to the stage one at a time to receive their diploma’s in front of family and friends.

These students are filled with emotions knowing that for some, it’s the last time to see their friends, the last time to see their teachers, deans, the last few hours before leaving the sanctuary of their dorm rooms…the last time walking around the campus, hanging around the student center, chilling in the PX, walking around east campus or even going to Ken’s Sidewalk Cafe.  It’s time to spread their wings and fly.
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