Sunday Morn Welcome Service

This weekend was Welcome Weekend for private school Canyonville Christian Academy. With weary travelers arriving all weekend, some having traveled for over 19 hours, the weekend was mixed with friends reuniting, new friends meeting, drivers picking up boarding students from the three main airports in Oregon, deans getting tired travelers to their rooms to sleep and cooks busy getting food ready.

Saturday, tired students were greeted with a barbeque outside, and some very helpful staff members.  Sunday started with an outdoor church service with Jim and Cori Burkhert leading in 2 songs of praise, also helping was alumni from last year – Hyunil Yoo and Sohyun Ji both from South Korea.  This was followed by Noel Schaak speaking, encouraging, instructing and welcoming students back for a new year of school and was followed by another barbeque meal.  What a wonderful joy to walk around the campus and enjoying meeting people from over 12 countries right in your own school!

The school year 2010-2011 has now begun.


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