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Congratulations Class of 2015!

Canyonville Christian Academy has once again graduated a successful group of students whom are ready and eager to embark on their new future.  Our group of 29 graduates are now spending the summer preparing for their university or college of choice.  These fine graduates will be a wonderful asset to those colleges & universities!

Did you know that 2015’s graduating class marked the 91st year since the opening of the school in 1924? Canyonville Christian Academy graduated their very first class in 1924.

Exciting News!

All our students have now returned home for summer break or are preparing for college.  CCA continues to prepare for the new and upcoming 2015 – 2016 school year.

Canyonville Christian Academy will be opening up it’s fourth dormitory in time for the new school year.  This increases the boarding school’s dormitory capability by 28.  We are very excited to be offering this additional boarding space!

If you have a student that has been wanting to attend boarding school, now is the time to get them enrolled as these spaces will go fast!

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Canyonville Christian Academy has a very diverse group of students. Students come to the academy from across the nation and all over the world.  These students learn a lot about different cultures, and develop friendships from all over the globe.

CCA’s advantage is smaller classes and a diverse student body. This really helps both national and international students learn about and with multiple cultures.  Students exposed to this type of diversity are more advanced and ready to attend college, university or work in an international business field.   By the end of the year, the students here at the academy have become like one big family.  They go to school together, they study together, they play sports together, they watch TV together and they grow together.

Canyonville Christian Academy, has educated students from over 59 countries.  Our very successful ESL program has enabled international students the opportunity to learn English, to study in English and do well in English courses.  This along with our College Prep or Advanced Placement courses helps prepare both national and international students for college and beyond.


At boarding school, students are more likely to develop leadership skills and be given the opportunity to use those skills.  Here at Canyonville Christian Academy, we have many leadership opportunities available in student government, community service and many other areas.

College and Beyond

It is a well know fact that boarding school students are well prepared for college.  Canyonville Christian Academy helps them learn to be independent, responsible, make good decisions, and prepare for college.  These valuable life skills help propel them forward in life equipped to handle living on their own.

Making the Choice

Boarding school can be a difficult decision for families.  As sending your child to another place is hard.   Families that choose to send their kids away to school, do so to help their teenager become more independent, learn to make their own decisions, and find their identity.

After graduation, many students and parents have expressed how coming to this boarding school has helped them grow up, take responsibility and learn to make good decisions.

Boarding school: It is a launching pad, that prepares high school students for the future.


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