Cross Country

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Cross Country is a sport that runs deep in the veins of CCA’s founding father’s grandson, Roger Shaffer.

In 1962 CBA (now CCA) started it’s very first cross country team with Roger on that team. They won the district meet and placed 5th in state. Roger has been involved with coaching Cross country here at Canyonville Christian Academy from 1970 until now.

Roger says of the sport…

“There is certainly a team aspect to cross country, but at its heart it’s an individual sport than comes down to each runner pushing back their physical and psychological limits in their training and in the races.”

When asked what he loves about the sport, Roger answers:

“It’s truly objective. If you record a certain mark or time, no one can question or argue that.”

Roger’s coaching has taken 23 CCA cross country teams to state and his Pilot track and cross country teams have won 38 league/district team championships. Roger was also chosen state High School coach of the year in 1999. That’s a solid record.

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Erin Payne has coached Canyonville Christian Academy’s cross country team for the past 2 seasons.  She has been coaching the athletes with knowledge handed down from Roger Shaffer, who coached several individual state champions & teams.  CCA’s goal is to revive the program to it’s former glory.
Erin started coaching because her top strength is as a developer and coaching fits perfectly with that. She loves seeing young athletes develop and accomplish things they didn’t think they could.