Series – How To Be A Better Student

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Good study habits can help make a tremendous difference in helping students to better understand the academic subjects that they are studying. Additionally, these methods of learning can also help improve test scores.  While some students understand these methods, others may take a bit more time to adjust their habits to these learning methods.  It is not unusual for people in the United States to spend 12 to 18 years in school.  However, from experience, it is rare for our schools to take a pause from the usually subject matter and teach us how to be better students of lifelong learners.

Did you know that many successful students create their own method of learning by customizing already established practices? With this in mind, we have developed a weekly series that will be posted every Monday for the duration of the school year.

This collection of ideas on how to be a more efficient and effective student does not pretend to be comprehensive.  Ask any teacher or anyone who has survived college and they will produce an entirely different list of ideas based on their personal experience.  We only hope that you can find something that will be of use to you – we will be glad to have been of some help.

Roger Shaffer, grandson of founder Austin Monroe Shaffer, is the brainstorm behind this series.  Roger shares some of his top tips on how to become a better student and how to study effectively.

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