September Activities Calendar

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Canyonville Christian Academy’s September activities calendar is available for downloads!

Welcome to Canyonville Christian Academy! We are excited to have you as a part of our CCA family! 

The first few weeks of this new school year have been busy and exciting! Students are quickly making new friends from all around the world. They are settling into their dorms and class schedules as they build relationships with their teachers and deans. Fall sports have also begun! Canyonville Christian Academy’s fall sports include volleyball, soccer, and cross country. Sports at this private school are a great way to connect with coaches and other students. They help develop students’ talent, character, and ability to work in teams with diverse cultures.

Throughout this school year, keep informed about all the great activities planned for CCA’s students by downloading the activities calendar each month. These calendars will include dates for sports’ games, shopping trips, campus activities, all school events, and much more!

See what this private boarding school has planned for its international students for their first month at Canyonville Christian Academy by downloading the September activities calendar!

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