Private School Holds Class Elections

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Canyonville Christian Academy holds class elections for the 2014/2015 school year!

Every year students at Canyonville Christian Academy have the opportunity to represent their classes (senior, junior, sophomore, freshmen) by being on student councils as class officers. Every grade at this private school has five positions on their student council: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Chaplain. The officers of these roles have different responsibilities to fulfill.

The President represents the class as theirPrivate School Class Election Speeches
spokesman and provides leadership. The Vice-President supports the President and leads in his absence. The Treasurer records and manages class finances. While the Secretary‘s responsibilities include recording the minutes of student council meetings and helping publicize class events. Finally, the role of theChaplain is leading prayers at council meetings and helping with any spiritual events at the school.

In order to be elected as an officer, students must first be approved by the Administration and submit an election speech. When the day of class elections arrives each grade assembles with their class advisor (a staff or faculty member). Then, students running for an office position speak to their classmates.

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They try to win over their peers by explaining why they are best for certain positions. They also share their plans and dreams for their classes. Diego Rubi, a junior from Mexico, shared his desire for his class to work together in order to achieve their plans for the Junior/Senior Banquet. Senior from South Korea, Eric Lee built his campaign on three goals: finding the best place for the senior trip, building better relationships with his classmates, and doing all he can to make their senior year remarkable.

Once the speeches are over, the students vote for who they want to represent them in each position of their student council. These elected students work together with their class adviser throughout the school year to fulfill their classes’ responsibilities.

Congratulations elected class officers of Canyonville Christian Academy’s 2014/2015 school year!

Final Election Results


President: Eric Lee

Vice-President: Pooja Tiwari

Treasurer: Alice Kim

Secretary: Mireille Iradukunda

Chaplain: Soniya Sherpa


President: Grace Tuan

Vice-President: Jun Shin

Treasurer: Cindy Pan

Secretary: Diego Rubi

Chaplain: Samuel Kim


President: Jeremy Park

Vice-President: Shelley Sun

Treasurer: Gloria Munyakazi

Secretary: Victoria Callan

Chaplain: Calob Reimer


President: Minah Kim

Vice-President: McKenzie O’Sullivan

Secretary/Treasurer: Violetta Belovodova


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