October Events Calendar

October Events Calendar

September passed by so quickly here at the Christian Academy.  From choosing classes, making new friends, to learning how to live away from home, life at an international boarding school can take some getting use to! We are happy to say that this year’s group of students are doing very well.

We did our annual Rogue River rafting event where we take a whole day off from school; teachers and staff join in the fun as we enjoy rafting down the beautiful Rogue River.  We then picnic lunch in the park and just enjoy each others company.  It was so much fun!  The weather was hot, the water was cool and everyone had a great time.  By the time we get back to the academy, everyone has a story to tell, an adventure to share, and new friends to share those stories with.  Here’s some of the pictures below of that fun FUN day!

private boarding school students, ice breaker event, getting to know one another

Canyonville Christian Academy rafting teams head out on the Rogue.

group of girls, boarding school,  having fun on the annual ice breaker event, rogue river

Canyonville Christian Academy girls ready for rafting on the Rogue.

students love riding the rafts, international christian academy, holds best ice-breaker event

Riding the rapids at Canyonville Christian Academy rafting day!


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