MayFest Through The Generations…

MayFest, It’s A Big Deal!

MayFest is the end of the year celebration that celebrates academic awards, a spring choir concert, sometimes solo groups, it has at times included orchestra’s or an art show, and most importantly – the selection of a May Queen and King and their court.

It wasn’t always so, as MayFest started back in 1946 with a May Queen and her court but then started including a King in 1986.  Also, MayFest started out by being celebrated in the beginning of May.  Now, it’s celebrated just before graduation.

There Are Requirements To Be Met When Selecting A MayFest Court

A MayFest Court is not a popularity contest.  It is not a favorites list either.  A MayFest Court is selected by faculty & staff with high achievements in the following:

  1. Strong Spiritual values – Christians of the highest character
  2. High Academic Achievements
  3. Queenly and Kingly attributes – conducting themselves as a King & Queen (but not above others)
  4. Follows the ideals of the school

MayFest Continues As A Longtime School Tradition

Today, MayFest happens the eve of graduation, with a May King and Queen selected each year.  The court consists of a prince and a princess selected from each class.  These have been selected by faculty and staff of Canyonville Christian Academy.  Being selected is quite an honor.





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