Local Places of Interest

Local Places of Interest

Canyonville Academy is surrounded by beautiful nature, and wonderful national parks. There are a large number of places to visit within only three hours of campus, some of them as close as thirty minutes. Here is a list of some of the amazing places near our campus.

Crater Lake

Native Americans witnessed its formation 7,700 years ago, when a violent eruption triggered the collapse of a tall peak. Scientists marvel at its purity: fed by rain and snow, it’s the deepest lake in the USA and one of the most pristine on earth. Artists, photographers, and sightseers gaze in wonder at its blue water and stunning setting atop the Cascade Mountain Range. And this amazing marvel is only two hours away from our campus.

It’s an entirely different experience during the summer and during the winter. Experience four or five feet of snow, sledding, snowball fights and more during the winter, and wonderful hiking and adventuring in the summer. No matter when you go, it’s always amazing.

Crater lake in Oregon
Photo courtesy of Crater Lake's website www.nps.gov/crla/ index.htm
Diamond Lake Mountain
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Diamond_Lake_(Oregon)

Diamond Lake

Whether it’s camping, fishing, hiking, boating, or so many more activities, a trip to Diamond Lake is a marvelous adventure! Only a couple of hours from our campus, taking a trip to Diamond lake is a promise for an entire day filled with many outdoor activities that will be loved by everyone!

Sunset Bay and other beaches

The Oregon coast is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Oregon, and our campus is only 1 1/2 hours away from a multitude of awe-inspiring beaches. Sunset Bay, FaceRock, and many more beaches are just waiting to be enjoyed and explored. Not to mention the amazing sand dunes available as well for people to take a tour on or ride along.

Sunset Bay Beach
The Wildlife Safari
Photo courtesy of Wildlife Safari wildlifesafari.net/

Wildlife Safari

The Wildlife Safari is a mere 20 minutes from our campus, and houses hundreds of amazing and beautiful exotic animals for visitors to get up close and personal with. The Wildlife Safari boasts Cheetahs, lions, many birds, monkeys and so much more to see and experience. And because it’s so close to our campus, multiple trips a year is a very simple thing! It’s one of the favorites for people living in Canyonville and Douglas county.

And so much more…

You can look in any direction in Oregon and find something breathtaking. We are blessed to be surrounded on all sides by amazing scenery. There’s endless trails to hike, waterfalls to see, rivers and lakes to swim in and so much more. Coming to Oregon means becoming closer to nature.

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