Land Cleared For Private School’s New Dorm!

Canyonville Christian Academy is expanding!

The first steps toward the construction of a new dorm on the private school’s campus got under way Dec. 17 with the arrival of the excavating crew and the clearing of the lot for the building.
The 35-student dorm will be located between Shaffer Dorm and the school gymnasium.  The tentative “move-in” date for the fourth CCA dorm is September 2014.
This is the newest major building built on campus since the gymnasium was built in early 1960’s. Since then the school has added the office complex, Hunt’s Hall and bought Shaffer Dorm.  It might be noted that the Office complex was paid for by United Faith Foundation, (Al Wyrick President of United Faith Foundation graduate of Canyonville Bible Academy now Canyonville Christian Academy -class of 1950) and Hunt Hall was paid for by a foundation grant.
The alumni association has donated nearly $50,000 to the new dorm fund.  (Contributions from several years)


  1. […] Total donations  from Canyonville Christian Academy alumni and friends towards the construction of a new dorm went above $50,000 in March! The fourth dorm at the Private Academy is scheduled for opening in the Fall of 2015 and is tentatively designed to house 26 students.  Although the dorm fund represents only a  fraction of the total cost, it is the goal of the  Alumni Association to be a catalyst for progress and improvements on campus. You can view more here> New Dorm […]

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