Travel Tips for Students Studying in the U.S.

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Travel Tips for Domestic & International Students

1.  Plan your flights according to the official dates on your school calendar.

2.  Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights.  3.  Know your travel schedule and share this information with your family and school.  Make sure they have copies of your itinerary, passport/ID, visas and SEVIS I-20 in case of emergencies.  You should keep copies of these documents with you in your carry-on luggage as well.

CCA School Calendar

Arrange transportation to CCA by emailing your flight information to

Canyonville Christian Academy High school students

4.  Keep your passport and SEVIS I-20 together and with you at all times.  Do not pack your I-20 in your luggage.  When you first enter the United States, immigration will ask to see your I-20 with your passport.  Domestic students should also keep their form of identification with them at all times. If you will be traveling as an unaccompanied minor and do not have a passport or government issued ID, check with the airline you are traveling with concerning acceptable forms of identification.

5.  Do not carry large amounts of cash or credit cards that you do not need. Consider putting cash in several different places in case your wallet/purse gets lost or stolen. 6.  Keep your luggage with you at all times. Do not accept packages from strangers or agree to watch their luggage. 7.  Pack medications, a change of clothes, and any necessary items in your carry-on so that you are prepared if your luggage gets lost. 8.  If you have connecting flights, find your new gate and check the status of your flight right away. Pay attention throughout your layover in case that gate is changed.

9.  If you experience any delays, cancellations, missed connections, or are rerouted, speak to the agent at your gate. Do not leave the terminal to talk to a ticketing agent. Make sure you communicate any travel changes with your family and school. If you will not have a way to communicate with them during your travels, make sure to carry their contact information with you so that you are able to have an agent call them from the airport’s Information Desk. 10.  Be up to date on recommended immunizations and make sure you will be covered by medical insurance while at school.

Travel Coordinator


CCA’s tuition includes 24-hour Student Health and Accident Insurance.

Travel Tips from the Wead's

“Be prepared, be patient, and be peaceable.  We pray your travels will go smoothly but be prepared to have delays, cancellations, and maybe even to have to stay overnight in the airport.  Prepare yourself mentally and prepare in the way you pack your carry-on(s).  Be patient in your travels and take it moment by moment.  Download your favorite movie/show/book/songs, bring that comfy pillow, and buy your favorite drink and snack.  If things don’t go the way you hoped or planned, be patient and understanding with those around you.  It always pays to show grace to others.  Take a deep breath, call your family and CCA’s travel coordinator, try to stay positive/grateful and enjoy this great adventure you are on.  We are looking forward to having you here at Canyonville Christian Academy and are excited for all that God has for this 2017-2018 school year!” Love, The Wead’s

Joshua and Jessica Wead have worked at Canyonville Christian Academy for 5 years.  Joshua is CCA’s Dean of Students and Jessica works in the Marketing Department.  They love the variety of cultures represented at CCA and the relationships that are built that become like family. Every year they look forward to seeing students grow in the various areas of their lives as they become responsible young men and women.  The Wead’s have traveled throughout the United States and to 20 different countries.  This summer they took their daughter, Sophie (2), on her first international trip to meet their French family members.

Travel Tips for students studying in the US from boarding school staff

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