The Last Month of the School Year

Canyonville Christian Academy survivor team

It doesn’t seem that long ago that the 2011-2012 school year started here at Canyonville Christian Academy.   And now here we are entering into the final month of the school year.  32 seniors will graduate and journey into the next phase of their education.  Penn State, Purdue, University of Oregon, George Fox University, University of Washington, etc. are a few of the universities where they are headed.  We will greatly miss them.

Our annual “Amazing, Survivor, Fear Factor Race” otherwise known as “Survivor” was a big success last week.  The teams scattered all over Canyonville retrieving clues, performing tasks that required team work and the use of both body and brains.  Congratulations to Jamie Wang for being the ultimate survivor!

Get your May event calendar here.

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