Remember May Queens and MayFest?

Do you remember May Day or MayFest and all the fun?

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With the school year rapidly approaching it’s end, and the Alumni Banquet coming up in just a few weeks, MayFest is almost here!

It all began back in 1946.  The tradition of Mayfest royalty started with the crowning of Queen Kathleen Cole.  Back in the early years, the event was known as the May Day Celebration and was celebrated around May 1st.

The May Queen was traditionally selected by the staff and faculty based on their higher level of maturity, she was not selected by popularity but with high achievements in the following area’s:

  • Spiritual values – Christians of the highest character
  • High Academic Achievements
  • Queenly atributes – conducting themselves as a queen
  • followed the ideals of the school

She also had a queen court, there was a concert, refreshments, and activities.  As the May Queen elect, it was a very big honor.  She had a maid of honor that attended to her, and she was given a very nice gift in remembrance of her achievement.

Along with recognizing the queen and her court, there was a parade down Main Street with floats and a marching band!  They also had a traditional May Pole dance, (yes, there was a May Pole) and the queen’s court sporting lovely “Southern belle” dresses and floppy hats decorated the front lawn of Canyonville Bible Academy (now Canyonville Christian Academy) where the “L” classrooms are located.   The May Pole was moved to East campus for several years.  A May King was added to the program in 1986.

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MayFest has since moved indoors and now includes the spring music concert with the choir, solo groups, orchestra’s, and includes academic awards.

Here’s some pictures below looking back through the years of May Queens, and Kings.  ENJOY!

For a complete list of names click here



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