Sophie Sun ’12 Graduates From Full Sail University

Sophie Sun, Canyonville Christian Academy ’12, has now graduated from Full Sail University, with a degree as a Front End Developer and UI Design. She plans to find local work in Florida for a time, and then continue her education to earn another degree.  Sophie has already completed several free-lance jobs.  She has inquiries for additional work but would like a steady job in Florida, then extend more towards international work later.

Sophie came to CCA from Shanghai, China. alumni, Canyonville Christian Academy, graduate, Full Sail

-We took the opportunity to interview Sophie about her educational journey here in the United States.-

How did Canyonville Christian Academy help you to prepare for college

Sophie – Coming to CCA helped me to think in English, and do school work in English.  In China, we had more difficult math, but here we had to solve it in English, that made it hard.  Also I had to think logically in English.  For me, sports was good, as it was more of a way to relax.  Back home in China, as a 12 grader you don’t get to exercise and play a lot.

Because we lived in a dorm, I felt that I was able to converse with a lot of other girls than just Chinese. There were many girls from different places.  We talked about many different cultures and learned about them, it was a very good experience.

What advice would you share to any international student thinking about coming to Canyonville Christian Academy?

Sophie: International students can experience what they can’t have back home. Meeting and learning about many different cultures, and you also meet different teachers.  CCA has funny teachers.

What advice would you share with a high school student from the US who might be thinking about going to CCA? 

Sophie:  If you want to learn to be responsible, if you want to learn to be independent, and if you want to grow up, make decisions for yourself, then you should go to boarding school. At a boarding school, parents won’t be around to help you, but teachers will guide you.  It helps you to grow up as no one will do things for you.  You have to wash your own clothes, be responsible with your money, and take care of things.

How did you feel when you first showed up at Full Sail?

Sophie:  I felt nervous, a little bit lonely, I didn’t know anybody. It was a completely different environment.  I had an apartment but didn’t meet my roommate until I first walked into my apartment.  Also, when I walked into my first class at Full Sail, I felt oh my gosh, this is college what am I going to do? I felt very out-of-place, there was no one that spoke Chinese in my class.  There were maybe 5 Chinese that went to Full Sail, but NO ONE in my class.

How long did it take you to adjust to college life?

Sophie:  It took me around 5 or 6 months to adjust.  I started making friends by then and became friends with a girl who was good at coding.  We became good friends, and she helped me a lot!

Full Sail is a 24/7 school

Sophie also shared that Full Sail is a 24/7 school and students are required to have 8 hours of school a day.  The schedule can go from 9am-5pm, 5pm to 1am, and 1am to 9am.

Sophie’s degree was obtained in a 21 month program, this was an accelerated course.  Even though Full Sail was expensive, Sophie said that is was so worth the price.  She also mentioned that once you graduate, if you want, you can come back on campus and sit in any class.  Now that is awesome!

Lastly when asked what she plans on doing in the next 3 to 5 years, Sophie said she was not sure yet, but she was certain she wanted a Masters.

Canyonville Christian Academy, Alumni, Full Sail University, graduate

Congratulations Sophie!



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