Smart Reading – Getting Involved In The Community

Canyonville Christian Academy High school students
[u_heading]Canyonville Christian Academy students volunteer in the community.[/u_heading]

Community Involvement

SMART Reading – Seven students from Canyonville Christian Academy enjoy spending time once a week reading to younger students.  They head over to the elementary school here in Canyonville and select books to read one-on-one to young students.  These high school students spend about 45 minutes reading books to kindergartners’ up to third grade students.

High school student Maria reads to young elementary student

This is not the first time the private boarding school has gotten involved in the community smart reading program. For the past decade, as the smart reading program has been available in the community, students from the private high school have volunteered of their time helping young students become successful readers .



This community enriching program began back in 1991 and has steady grown since it’s conception.  It’s unique model blends early childhood reading support along with high school/adult mentorship.  This investment in early childhood literacy has been improving children’s lives and creating stronger communities.  It is Oregon’s largest volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that is devoted to children’s literacy.



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