Why Reading The Classics Helps You Succeed

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Reading the Classics in your field gives you a broader base on which to build.  It’s an advantage.

I’m not talking about Plato, Plutarch or Eusebius.  My hat goes off to anyone who is able to slog their way through ancient and dusty authors and get something out of the journey.  But…

Actually, my suggestion is to read the CLASSICS IN YOUR FIELD.  What are the great foundational books in your in your selected field of expertise?  Find out what they are and wade through them.

Almost all knowledge builds on what went before.  At some point you need to read the books at the base of the pyramid.

Some foundational ideas and knowledge don’t change.  Learn about the pioneers in your field.  Come to understand how your field has changed over time.

When I asked my high school students if they have done this, the answer is almost always “No”.  If you do this, it will give you a broader base on which to build.

It’s an advantage.

– Roger S



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