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Last year was spectacular. Canyonville Christian Academy defended her “National Championship” in the stock market – economics contest.  More than 7,500 high schools participated.  We were number ONE.  The school was featured in The Wall Street Journal, NBC Evening News, The Today Show and twice in TIME magazine.

National Stock Market Game Champions, historical win, SIFMA

Photo credit Ed Lovato

This year we welcomed more international students. These young people have now represented a total of 61 countries from around the world. That’s pretty exciting.

Our “Learn English Quickly” program is one of the hottest immersive language programs in the world.  One of our students won first place, out of 15,000 participants in the Moscow University English Olympics.  We have students who arrive unable to say, “Hello” in English and who leave speaking fluently.

Our boarding school students continue to graduate at a rate of 99.6% and go onto the finest universities and graduate schools in the world. This summer, our alumnus, Bart Celie and Maryna Kopach Celie returned to thank teachers and staff for the input in their lives.  Bart is pursuing his ongoing education at Columbia School of Medicine.

We love these successful, happy students. We love this positive, international student body with its global experience.  We will continue to provide a safe, ethical, fun environment to help young people grow both spiritually and academically.

– Doug Wead

Doug Wead Talks About Academic Opportunities At Canyonville Christian Academy



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