Honors Business Math Visits Harry & David

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 Many opportunities for international students to learn outside of the classroom are available at this private boarding high school!

Each year Canyonville Christian Academy’s Honors Business Math visits Harry and David in Medford to experience manufacturing, production, packaging, and warehouse procedures, which bring multiple chapters in their books come to life. At the end of the factory tour, they return to the retail store to taste samples and purchase some of the products they’ve seen in production during the tour.

It is important for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to real life experiences This field trip allows the students to begin to understand the importance of business math applications from paying incentives on the packing line to driving a forklift in the warehouse, or even designing special product packaging to the speed of folding the shipping boxes. The overall experience stimulates the imagination and encourages new possibilities for the future of these business math students.



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