Dorm Life At A Boarding School

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Second semester is underway for our 2015-2016 school year at CCA.

Students arrived back to campus early January from their Christmas Break and have been swapping stories about their winter adventures. In the midst of preparing for Semester Final Exams the girls worked on research papers and essays, reviewed notes for their classes, and collaborated on group projects to give a final boost to their grades.

In our dorm store we supply the girls with various items that come in handy when preparing for exams: notecards, pencils, snacks, and highlighters. There is another list though that carries weight and it is made up of laughter with friends, meaningful conversations with roommates, encouragement from staff members, and the forming of fond memories.

In between the cheer competitions, basketball games, homework, and chores we’ve gotten together for Friday Night Movies and tasting food from different countries than our own. Another highlight is the 2nd Semester students that have joined us in Hinn Hall. There has been much anticipation and excitement over meeting these girls and the potential friendships that will form.

At some point this semester we will plan different parties/game-nights for Hinn Hall as well as continue our new tradition of Friday Night Movie in the lounge and decorating room doors for birthdays.

This semester will have its share of joy, meaningful conversations, growth, and laughter in the dorm. Not at all bad ways to start off a new year and new semester.


Miss Kim Roome

Hinn Hall, Girls Dean



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