Canyonville Academy College Guidance and Counseling

Guidance and college counselling is super helpful.

At Canyonville Academy, we work hard to provide our students with college guidance and counseling. We help provide the knowledge they need to research different Universities. If a student wishes to attend a University, information and guidance will be provided using our many different career guidance procedures. As a result, we have many different procedures in place to help students along.

Help With Testing

One of the first thing Universities look for in prospective students is their testing scores. Canyonville Academy helps our students with the FAFSA, the SAT and the TOEFL. We provide information to any and all students on what these tests are, how to sign up for them, and what to expect when taking them. We help teach them the content that these tests typically expect from the students. Additionally, we will arrange a driver if these tests are taken off campus.

Canyonville Academy provides tests like the TOEFL
Canyonville Academy provides tests like the SAT
Canyonville Academy provides tests like the FAFSA

Career Advising

We also provide one on one and group guidance. Our career advisers encourage the students to discuss different college choices. They will work one on one, picking prospective Universities the student might want to go attend. From there, our career adviser will help them find scholarships that might be available to them. Additionally, we will help students decide which University is the best fit by comparing and contrasting different prospects.

Along side the required meeting with a career adviser, we have an open door policy for any student wanting to discuss the finer details of going to a University. Students can schedule these meetings in advanced, or in a moment’s notice if something urgent has come up.

Additionally, we coordinate college visit days. Multiple representatives from different Universities come to Canyonville Academy. They spent the day providing information to any student interested about their University. If the students have questions about a University, they are encouraged to ask. As a result, they have a better chance at finding a University that fits them better.

We Are Here To Help

All of these services we offer are available to both Juniors and Seniors.  Being a Junior is the best time to start considering different Universities. We believe that every student should have a chance at going to a college or University that they get to chose. Our faculty and staff want to help in as many ways as possible with college guidance and counseling. As a result, we are always happy to see a student get accepted into their chosen University.  It means we did our job in lifting them up to their full potential.



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