Life at Boarding School: Helpful Information for Parents

International Students at Christian Boarding School in America

Helpful information to keep you up to pace with your boarding school student’s busy life at Canyonville Christian Academy!


Check on your student’s academic progress throughout the school year with PowerSchool!

PowerSchool provides real-time access to your student’s grades, attendance, assignments, and more!

Find out what’s going on at Canyonville Christian Academy anytime, anywhere!  With PowerSchool, you can read CCA’s daily bulletin, catch up on your student’s class assignments, and check on your student’s grades.

Whether you want to view your student’s attendance and grades or simply email a teacher, open your web browser to CCA’s PowerSchool website.  Then, enter your Username and Password to log into PowerSchool.  You can obtain your username and password by contacting our office.

Dorm Life

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Deans (houseparents) take care of students after school and over weekends. Deans help students with their studies, look after them when they are sick, offer encouragement and advice, and much more.

If you have questions or concerns about your student and would like to contact his or her deans directly, please fill out the contact form below.  You can find more information about dorm life on pages 22-29 of our Parent/Student handbook.

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Parent/Student Handbook

Canyonville Christian Academy’s Parent/Student Handbook contains information regarding schedules, regulations, facilities, and special awards and honors available to students of outstanding character and ability.


Canyonville Christian Academy’s Fall Sports season is now in full swing!

Find out when and where your student is playing by checking out our fall sports schedules.

Culture Shock

Whether your student is from a different country or simply a different town, culture shock affects international and domestic students alike in different ways and to various degrees.

It is helpful for parents to understand and be able to recognize the symptoms and stages of culture shock.  Culture shock is a normal/natural reaction to being separated from your culture, daily routines, and environments.  Culture shock is simply a process of adjustment.  Understanding this will help you and your student to worry less and have a more positive and hopeful mindset as they go through the steps of adjustment.

Learn more about culture shock and tips to overcoming it in the articles below!

First Two Weeks of School


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