Graduation 2016

president Doug Wead at private boarding school, CCA, in Canyonville, Oregon

Each year, graduation rolls around.  Every year the excitement of graduating but the thought of leaving fills the air.

Canyonville Christian Academy graduations are quite different than the norm.  Here at CCA, things might start a bit normal, such as the valedictorian and the salutatorian give a speech.  Awards are handed out.  Then a special speaker is selected to speak to the graduating class, but what happens next is: students are given the opportunity to share their appreciation to everyone who has helped them or influenced them in a positive way.

The students write a letter of thanks to many who have been a part of their lives for the past years.. for quite a few, it’s for the past 4 years.  Students also give out flowers with their letter of gratitude.  The letters are read out loud as graduates hand out the letters and flowers.  This leads to a very emotional time for parents, families, teachers, deans and staff.

As a boarding school, teachers and deans become like family to these students that come here to learn from all over the world.  This close bond becomes very evident at graduation.

Families from all over the world and from the US coming to the graduation at the boarding school, are also overwhelmed with joy, tears, while reuniting with their graduating student.  It is a very special and emotional atmosphere with lots of hugs, tears and joy. We hope you enjoy the pictures below.


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