Graduating Classes Through The Years…

CCA/CBA Memories – A Christian Boarding School That Continues To Impact Many Nations And Many Generations

Looking back 10 years, 20 years, 30 & 40 years ago and even 50 & 60 years ago!  My, how the time goes by!

For those of you who graduated from this high school in 2005, it’s pretty astounding that it’s already time for your 10 year reunion! For those of you who graduated in 1995, you are probably wondering where did the time go?  Same for those celebrating their 30th, 40th, 50th and 60th year reunion!!!!  Did you just read that right?  60 years after graduating?

Looking back through the annuals and other pictures of high school, WOW, you can see all the excited and expectant faces of students ready to graduate as they wondered what was coming up next.  Now here you are, celebrating either 60 years, 50 years, 10 years or somewhere in between, after graduating from this Christian boarding school. Remembering.  Oh those high school days, they were a bit crazy, and you were a bit invincible.  HA!  Life was staring at you in the face, and you were ready to tackle anything and everything!

Canyonville Christian Academy, back then Canyonville Bible Academy, has held and continues to hold many memories for thousands of students.  It is also a school that keeps growing and changing, yet it always holds the same message Put Christ first in the center of everything.  

Students that attend this high school experience the love of Christ, they are taught about God, they study, they play, they get challenged and they graduate ready to tackle life. They have hopes and dreams, just as you did when you graduated.

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You have the opportunity to share with your graduating classmates, a part of your history as life unfolded before you.  Alumni weekend is coming up, and if you have the opportunity to come, come and celebrate life. Celebrate where life has taken you, and listen to where it has taken some of your classmates.

Also, take a moment and look at the slideshow below.. and maybe, just maybe, you’ll see yourself as that high school senior ready to graduate and challenge life itself.




  1. I will always fondly remember CCA ( to me it will forever be CBA). It was a turning point in my life. I received Christ Oct of ’69 in Canyon Chapel. I can still smell the fragrance of the wood and see the names of former students etched into the backs of the wooden seats. Pastor Bill Stevens gave the altar call. I have since gone to Vanguard University on an athletic scholarship, where I jet my wife Debbie in then became a police officer for 11 years and have been a Calvary Chapel pastor for the past 20 years. With the help of Christ, I have experienced success and navigated the trials of cancer and heart disease. I have published two books, raised two children and pastor the most dynamic church on the west coast. And it all started one evening in October in that small chapel. Thank God for CCA

  2. Steve a Hopkins: May 20, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    I think I still hold the school record in the 440 yd dash. Of course it helps that they don’t run that distance any more but regardless, that’s 45 years!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful testimony Steve! Thank you for sharing. What a blessing to hear what God has done and continues to do in your life!

  4. WOW, that would be a long record for sure! I can check with Roger Shaffer. He would know!

  5. […] in 1975, Esther Shaffer was working in the office as events coordinator, and as secretary of the Christian boarding school.  Roger Shaffer was busy coaching cross country and teaching classes.  Phil Jones was teaching 6 […]

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