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As we continue on learning some valuable study tips, here is one that will help you find the right book without feeling guilty about not reading one you « thought » was right.

There are lots of mediocre and nearly worthless book – based on my interests, limited time available for reading.  If a writer cannot « grab » me in the first 40 to 50 pages, perhaps this is a book that is not right for me.

If you finish every book you start, you are doing it wrong. Don’t have a guilty conscience about quitting. You are not quitting reading, you are merely moving along to a different book that you believe might prove to be more interesting or valuable.

Some colleges and city libraries have more than a million books. I live in a small town but I still have access to millions of titles through interlibrary loan.  In a recent year, over 328,000 new titles and editions were published in the United States.

Even the most avid readers are going to read only a small fraction of one percent of what is available. Make your reading hour count.

~ Roger S

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how to become a better student, reading tips, studying tips

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