Seminar Students Attend 3 Ashland Plays

Shakespeare Festival Ashland, Oregon,The Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland was the site of three plays attended by Canyonville Christian Academy’s seminar classes.  The students attended the plays in Ashland, Oregon at the outdoor Elizabethan Theater during September and October.  The live theatrical productions were Shakespeare’s « Hamlet », Charles Dickens « Great Expectations » and the Broadway musical « The Wiz ».

A Little History

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival was inspired by an Ashland drama professor and was inaugurated in 1935 as the « First Annual Oregon Shakespearean Festival ».  There were 2 plays presented that year at the festival, « Twelfth Night » and « The Merchant of Venice ».  The Shakespearean festival has continued ever since; it quickly developed a reputation for quality productions.


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